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PART 1 (from April 20th):

Sadie is home sick today. We chatted about nurturing ourselves and what that means and looks like. This led to a conversation about loving language, even toward ourselves and our bodies, and how our own love can promote healing. Sadie suddenly remembered my sharing Danielle LaPorte’s apple experiment she did with her son with 2 apple halves (talking lovingly to one and with meanness toward the other), how everything is energy and reacts in a negative or positive way to other energy. We decided to try it ourselves. Day 1… We’ll see what happens. We both owned the fact that we don’t enjoy being mean to the one apple half. Feels hard! Sadie really wanted to love something else to help her feel better along with making cards and raw cookie bites for our friend, Seth and his family. Love my sweet girl and her heart. 

Part 2 (from May 22nd):

Our energy and loving vs. mean language experiment with apple halves, inspired by @daniellelaporte. This (the 2nd photo) is 4 weeks later. Our love-apple is still glowing; our mean-apple (the one that we abused, which felt really hard to do) is totally rotting. Be mindful of your language, even toward yourself. Words and energy can hurt, make you sick, sad, sink into darkness. On the flip-side, they can heal, ignite joy, ease, freedom, and love.


Annie Wagoner