Although group yoga and core classes are fun, energizing, community-focused and more affordable, teachers aren’t always able to deliver the individualized attentiveness and guidance that we all desire and need every once and awhile. Whether you are totally new to yoga, want to dive deeper into your current practice, explore breath-work and a new style, or want to spend time working with a specific injury or goal, private yoga allows opportunity for you to tune in and feel truly supported as you discover the best practice for YOU.

3 Top Benefits of Private Yoga

  1. You are new (or new-er) to yoga and feel intimidated to go to a studio. Private yoga sessions ease stress and give you a strong foundation necessary to feel more comfortable in a group setting. Look at it as a crash course in yoga basics!
  2. Private yoga is an excellent option when battling with specific injuries or concerns. Working one-on-one with a teacher will give you deeper insight into how to modify and/or avoid certain postures as well as focus in on the poses that will help heal and strengthen your body.
  3. A private session invites a yoga instructor to tailor and create a specific practice for YOU designed to focus in on YOUR body and specific goals.

Yoga is a true gift for your entire being; you connect with breath, present mindfulness, deeper body-awareness, lower stress levels, increase blood-flow, promote healing, flush toxins (even emotional and mental-toxins!), slow the nervous system, stretch and strengthen muscles, and awaken core energy. Private yoga and core sessions = investment for your personal growth and health. What are you waiting for?

Fuel your body. Fuel your life.
Find a health that fits your body, lifestyle and goals.

Annie Wagoner