My first podcasting experience!


I recently had the honor and privilege of being my friend and fellow health enthusiast, Chris Dempsey’s first guest on his new podcast: Wouldn’t It Be Cool.

The Wouldn’t It Be Cool Podcast is about living life in an empowering way, it’s about living in a way that will inspire young people, through your example, to take care of themselves in order to take care of others and save our planet.

Host Chris Dempsey interviews people who are living their lives according to one or all four of the Wouldn’t It Be Cool pillars:-
– Activity: moving your body
– Food: healthy and mindful eating
– Passion: following your dreams
– Compassion: Speaks for itself and probably the most important for happiness!


I strongly encourage you to subscribe and listen! Chris and his podcast are inspiring, authentic and full of passion! And I had so much fun sharing in his first podcasting experience with him that I am now in the process of creating my own. Thank you, Chris! Woohoo! Stay tuned.

Annie Wagoner