YES!!!! A dream come true!

After having the honor of being the first guest on my friend, Chris Dempsey’s podcast, Wouldn’t It Be Cool, I walked away with tremendous passion, vision and inspiration to create my own.

I LOVE holding space for and learning about people – their life story, truth, struggles, “aha” moments, resiliency, authenticity. As many of you know, my most heartfelt intention with my work and mission is to support and empower others to awaken to a life and self they love through deep Core Nourishment. One of my favorite questions to explore with my own family, friends, and clients is “what nourishes your core and soul?” I figured, why not create a podcast around this sacred question?

So… YES! I am doing it! In my podcast, I flow into conversation and interviews with powerful, compelling people, exploring what nourishes and fuels their bodies, core, soul, and life. This podcast is designed to empower, inspire, ignite presence, purpose, and intention in your day.


… or search “Core Nourishment” in your favorite podcast app (PodBean, Podcast Addict, etc) One last special note: My brothers both play a significant role in this project. Sam was the first person to encourage and inspire me to start listening to podcasts in the first place as he would frequently send me links to some of his favorites. And Fred, along with his good friend, Drew, composed the music for my podcast. Tune into it… It is truly amazing. I am so grateful!

Please subscribe today and let me know what you think! And if you think this podcast will serve anyone else you know, feel free to share and encourage them to SUBSCRIBE. I am over the moon excited about offering this and intend on releasing new podcasts every 2 weeks. Please help me to continue to spread the ripple of health, healing, passion, joy, love, and core nourishment with as many people as possible!

With Deepest Gratitude, Annie

Annie Wagoner