YES!!!! A dream come true! After having the honor of being the first guest on my friend, Chris Dempsey’s podcast, Wouldn’t It Be Cool, I walked away with tremendous passion, vision and inspiration to create my own. I LOVE holding space for and learning about people – their life story, truth, struggles, “aha” moments, resiliency, […]

My first podcasting experience! I recently had the honor and privilege of being my friend and fellow health enthusiast, Chris Dempsey’s first guest on his new podcast: Wouldn’t It Be Cool. The Wouldn’t It Be Cool Podcast is about living life in an empowering way, it’s about living in a way that will inspire young […]

I turned 36 last month and actually love growing older as I feel like I simply keep expanding, learning, growing, getting to know myself better and better. For the most part, I still feel young and like I have SO much still ahead of me. I wake up excited for another day, full of deep […]

A short video about Annie’s work and passion.

I’ve always been a lover of food, though it took some time for me to figure out my relationship with meals and snacks I was eating. I never really thought about what I was putting into my body because I was focused on tastes, particularly the sweet ones. From childhood on, I’ve struggled with sugar, […]

Although group yoga and core classes are fun, energizing, community-focused and more affordable, teachers aren’t always able to deliver the individualized attentiveness and guidance that we all desire and need every once and awhile. Whether you are totally new to yoga, want to dive deeper into your current practice, explore breath-work and a new style, […]

It is with enormous pleasure and gratitude that I share with you my dear friend and incredible social media and creative marketing guru, Amy VanHaren and her beautiful Post-Cleanse Report. She participated in and completed my New You 10-Day Whole Foods Cleanse last month and wrote this awesome, thorough post about her experience. Thank you, Amy! I am deeply […]

  “So, I am Batman and you are Robin… okay, Momma?  Or wait, no… I want to be Spiderman with powerful webs, and if I am Spiderman, then you can be Superman.” Welcome to the mind of my wonderfully creative and active 4-year-old, Jack.  Every day is a new adventure, and I feel so grateful for the opportunity to experience life through his […]

PART 1 (from April 20th): Sadie is home sick today. We chatted about nurturing ourselves and what that means and looks like. This led to a conversation about loving language, even toward ourselves and our bodies, and how our own love can promote healing. Sadie suddenly remembered my sharing Danielle LaPorte’s apple experiment she did with her […]

I AM ENOUGH.  A loving mantra I reminded myself of when I found out that I did not get chosen as a B-School scholarship winner. My inner-critic came alive in that moment – you failed, Annie. You’re not good enough, not creative, not unique enough or special… fears, doubts and tears flooded through me. I acknowledged her (my critic), […]

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