Core Nourishment Podcast

What nourishes your core and soul? 

Host Annie Wagoner, certified holistic health coach and yoga teacher, flows into conversation and interviews with powerful, compelling people. This podcast is designed to empower, inspire, ignite presence, purpose, and intention in your day.

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“What nourishes me?

Your podcast does, Annie.

I am still very much enrapt with your incredible series of interviews (listening to Damla right now). I'm truly humbled to hear the stories of your guests: What they've overcome, what they've learned, what they've accomplished, and especially, what has worked for them. Hearing these folks talk has been a valuable resource for me in working through my own personal struggles. They have given me instruction and hope and I only wish that I could listen more often and implement what I hear immediately.

I am grateful for every little positive difference the podcast makes in my life.”

- J.B., 2019