“I have been plagued with fatigue for years. It was to the point where it was affecting my work and outlook on life. Through this cleanse, I found renewed energy, a peace within me, and a more positive disposition. This is the best gift I have ever received! Thank you, Annie.”
January 2014 10-Day Core Cleanse Participant


“My experience with Annie’s cleanse has been amazing and inspiring. I felt more clear-headed, connected, and balanced in my life and had steady energy that lasted all day long. My clothes fit better and my emotions maintained an even course. Using Annie’s recipes and recommendations for loving self-care, I was able to uncover a more radiant version of myself. I highly recommend Annie’s expertise to anyone who is looking forward to feeling better physically and emotionally.”
January 2014 10-Day Core Cleanse Participant


“MY PANTS ARE LOOSER! My skin is clearing, and I finally have more energy! Although it’s the last official day of the cleanse, I’m going to stay with it. Cooked a bunch of great food from your recipe list this weekend so I’m all set to go! I’m so grateful for your guidance and for all of the information that you provided. The food is so nourishing that I feel like I don’t need to eat as much, and I feel more fulfilled. I would love to keep in touch, and wanted to thank you again for all of your support, love and guidance!”
Katie, 10-Day Core Cleanse Participant


“I have always been athletic, energetic, and healthy. Around adolescence I became unhappy with my body and started a pattern of negative self-assessment, emotional eating and rigid exercising that lasted until I turned fifty. I have always sought to improve myself through various means (therapy, diets, reading, cardio, tennis, yoga, cross-training, etc.) My type-A+ personality and stressful life caused me to swing from being “good” to “bad” constantly and the result was high blood pressure.

Serendipity stepped in and I saw an announcement about hearing Annie speak in Portsmouth. I checked out her website and thought, Wow she looks so together, I could never be that good! But I went.

Annie blew me away with her honesty and approach to healing and life. I signed up for health coaching and we meet about once a month. I have learned to relax and be present in my body. When I look at myself now I appreciate all it does for me and I am so grateful for my health. This has enabled me to be more present when eating and with the people around me. Annie has helped recognize what triggers my emotional eating and she pushes me gently to let go of my need to control. I am still a work in progress but I am happier and more at peace as the layers of emotion release and my health improves.”
Sue, Health Coaching Client, 2015


“I have participated in Annie’s cleanse twice with astonishing results! The first time was toward the end of a grueling period in my life that began with a flood that destroyed our home and ended with the sale of our rebuilt house. The detox gave me the balance of energy and emotions as well as the clarity of thought which made the process so much easier to navigate.

The second time was during another period of change and transition. This 10 day cleanse took my body, mind, and spirit to a much deeper level of cleansing. I attribute much of my success with the cleanse to Annie’s dedication with helping me throughout the whole process. Her knowledge was invaluable and her compassion was a reminder that being gentle and loving with myself through not only the cleanse but through life will attain gratifying results. Annie is a gift!!”
Donna, 10-Day Core Cleanse, 2015


“Intimidated doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings towards the idea of a cleanse. I have had a cup of coffee or two every morning for 20 years. I eat lots of processed, sugary, carb loaded, quick and easy food. I rarely cook. I’m overwhelmed at the grocery store. I learned what Quinoa was last year.

I’ve always thought of myself as ‘the fat girl’. I would survey a room and, yup, I’m the fattest one here. Fat girls don’t do cleanses.

But. I met Annie who is gentle, kind, calming. She thought I could do this. I was scared. I cried at the 1st meeting and excused myself to sob in the bathroom. But I can do this. Annie’s plan was simple, organized, clear. With her guidance and her voice, I could do it day-by-day, moment by moment.

And I did! For the first time in my life I was not controlled by cravings. I was last obsessed with eating. I felt Lighter. Proud. Strong. I’m the healthy girl.”
Tammy, 10-Day Core Cleanse, 2015


“Working with Annie has changed my life! I have never been able to really love yoga until I worked with her privately. It has become my favorite way to exercise, reduce stress and bliss out! Her support around nutrition and making life-style changes has helped me to create a new mindset that enables me to put health and wellbeing at the top of the list. Weekly sessions with Annie has created this major breakthrough for me in practicing self-care and feeling good! I am so grateful!!!
Lesley, Private Yoga and Health Coaching, 2015

“Annie is the best gift to mothers ever. She has changed my life (and that of my family’s) by being a never-ending well of nurturing and support for us these past four (chaotic!) years.

As a busy working mom, I’ve enlisted Annie for prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, pregnancy nutrition guidance, post-baby nutrition support, and overall mental sanity support. She kept me strong in body and spirit for birth, held my baby while leading me through yoga in the precious months after, cooked for my family while I traveled for work, helped me banish inflammation-causing foods to find essential energy, and continues to make me feel capable and beautiful over and over again.

Annie has been a bright light on my journey through the early years of motherhood and there are no words to express how truly amazing she is. “
Amy V, Private Yoga and Health Coaching, 2015


“Annie’s Whole Food Cleanse was one of the of the most beautiful and nurturing gifts I’ve ever given myself. After just ten days my body felt clear and capable in way that it hadn’t in years. This cleanse is a perfect balance of understanding how the food we eat, the activities we devote our time to, and the attitude we have about ourselves all contribute to how fully we are living our lives. By cutting out the food that made me feel bloated and tired, and the activities that didn’t fill me up with joy, I learned just how sacred our experience on this earth actually is. It only took a few days for the unwanted pounds, the self doubt, and the judgment to start shedding and departing from my body and mind. Annie’s approach is loving, kind and full of knowledge and dedication. She provided me with all of the tools I need to create a ritual of health that continues to feel so amazingly good. I am so grateful to have received this wonderful experience. Thank you Annie!”
Karly N., 10-Day Core Cleanse, 2014

Annie Wagoner