Awaken to a life and self you love.

Awaken to a life and self you love.


Cleanse your body. Cleanse your life.


Discover yoga, mindfulness, self-compassion.


Move with joy.


 “I have always been athletic, energetic, and healthy.  Around adolescence I became unhappy with my body and started a pattern of negative self-assessment, emotional eating and rigid exercising that lasted until I turned fifty. I have always sought to improve myself through various means (therapy, diets, reading, cardio, tennis, yoga, cross-training, etc.) My type-A+ personality and stressful life caused me to swing from being “good” to “bad” constantly and the result was high blood pressure.

Serendipity stepped in and I saw an announcement about hearing Annie speak in Portsmouth. I checked out her website and thought, Wow she looks so together, I could never be that good! But I went.

Annie blew me away with her honesty and approach to healing and life. I signed up for health coaching and we meet about once a month. I have learned to relax and be present in my body. When I look at myself now I appreciate all it does for me and I am so grateful for my health. This has enabled me to be more present when eating and with the people around me. Annie has helped recognize what triggers my emotional eating and she pushes me gently to let go of my need to control. I am still a work in progress but I am happier and more at peace as the layers of emotion release and my health improves.” 

- S.M., 2015